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Lauraine Diggins Fine Art specialises in Australian colonial, impressionist, modern, contemporary and Australian Aboriginal painting, sculpture and decorative arts.

Lauraine Diggins has been operating in the Australian fine art market since 1974 and although Melbourne based, her business is conducted throughout Australia and internationally.

The gallery, discreetly located in a quiet Melbourne street and purpose designed by architect Graeme Gunn, is set in an environment which provides for confidentiality and is a relaxing place in which to view a wide selection of Australian fine art and Aboriginal art. The gallery’s philosophy is about establishing long term relationships with its clients focusing on their interests, assessing their needs and meeting their objectives.

The gallery has cultivated strong relationships with Australian Aboriginal communities and curated the exhibition, A Myriad of Dreaming: Twentieth Century Aboriginal Art, which toured interstate in 1989 and was supported by an extensive catalogue. Well documented, fully illustrated and scholarly catalogues accompany many of the exhibitions. The gallery also curates and participates in exhibitions and fairs internationally including Hong Kong in 1994, Australian Modern in Milan, Italy in 2001, ArtParis in 2004, 2005 and 2006, and Moscow World Fine Art Fair in 2008.

Lauraine Diggins Fine Art has built strong working relationships with private, corporate and institutional collectors and has been responsible for the placement of many significant art works into public collections.


Lauraine Diggins

Lauraine is an approved valuer under the Australian Government Cultural Gifts Program and served as honorary valuer for a number of State funded touring exhibitions. She is a foundation member of a number of State Art Galleries. Lauraine is a regular guest lecturer at Melbourne University, Department of Fine Arts, Classical Studies and Archaeology, Museum Studies, Art and the Market and is an Industry Partner, Strategic Partnerships with Industry -Research and Training Scheme “Authentication of Australian Art – Artists’ Supports”, The Ian Potter Museum of Art, University of Melbourne.



Good scholarship the key to catalogue’s popularity – Lyndall Crisp, The Financial Review, 26 September 2002, p.54

Never mind the $5 million worth of paintings, the catalogue for the Lauraine Diggins’ seventh Annual Collectors’ Exhibition has become something of a prized possession. Serious collectors consider it their bible, libraries and galleries wouldn’t be without it.

“It’s not just a matter of taking a photo of a painting and putting it in the catalogue”, says Diggins, a Melbourne fine arts dealer, “it’s got to be visually interesting. It’s got to look good in the catalogue and hanging on the wall. Exciting.”

Diggins takes great pride in her catalogue, which is not surprising considering some clients buy sight unseen. One overseas client spent $2million last year, such was his confidence in Diggins.

“I try hard to provide really good scholarship about the artwork”, she says. “The text is written to the painting, it’s not just filler copy. The serious buyer already knows the autobiographical stuff. If all you do is provide background, it won’t be read. You have to say where it sits in the overall ouevre, how it was constructed. That’s far more important. I try to trace the history of a painting and if it’s been through the auctions, we say that in the catalogue. That doesn’t happen very often. It’s a very valuable tool for clients. And it’s important for young living artists to be in it because it sites them in Australian art history. It gives them relevance of place as to where they sit.”

The exhibition, a masterful collection of 130 works, took Diggins eight months to assemble. It boasts names such as Eugene von Guerard, Frederick McCubbin, Margaret Preston, Russell Drysdale, Donald Friend, Albert Tucker, Charles Blackman, Fred Williams, Sidney Nolan and Charles Conder.

Le contemporain aborigene – Beatrice de Rochebouet, Le Figaro, 1 April 2005, p.22

Lauraine Diggins de Melbourne offre une plongée dans la culture aborigene (centre de l’australie et de la region des Kimberley) et ses creations aux lignes abstraites, memoires d’un peuple, exposeés à new york et à paris depuis 1988. Les acryliques peintres en 1945 sur des grands tissus de lin par Gloria Petyarr interprètent avec des signes propres, mélange de graffiti et de pointillisme, l’histoire et les lègendes de la communauté d’Utopia. Ces fresques libres racontent la faune et la flore issues de leur cadres de view avec une poésie qui touche (de 12 à 13 500 Euro). A découvrir absolument.

Lauraine Diggins of Melbourne plunges us into the Aboriginal culture (central Australia and the Kimberley region) and its creations with abstract lines, memories of a people, exhibited in New York and Paris since 1988 (Magiciens de la Terre at the Pompidou Centre). The acrylic paints on grand canvases by Gloria Petyarr interpret with signs, through a mix of scribbles and of dots, the history and the legends of the Utopia community (in the centre of the country). These liberated paintings relate the wildlife and the flora emanate from their frameworks of view with a touching poetry (from 12 to 13 500 Euros). An absolute must-see.

Consignment Policy

Lauraine Diggins Fine Art acts as both agent on behalf of its clients and in its own right. The Gallery offers works for resale either through the exhibitions it curates, through direct offer to existing clients, and from time to time in conjunction with other dealers. The asking price is determined between Lauraine Diggins Fine Art and the vendor and upon sale of the artwork a commission is paid to Lauraine Diggins Fine Art.

The commission structure is as follows:
Artworks with value up to $20,000 – 20%
Artworks with value over $20,000 – 16%

All artworks are covered by Lauraine Diggins Fine Art’s comprehensive insurance policy and all care and attention is afforded to artworks whilst they are our responsibility.

Terms & Conditions

Lauraine Diggins Fine Art maintains a high level of integrity. Any use of the Gallery’s website content compromises this integrity or that does not comply with that which are stated in the Copyright Notice is strictly prohibited.

Lauraine Diggins Fine Art reserves the right to suspend or cancel any client accounts it deems as being suspicious or inappropriate.

Website Privacy Policy

Lauraine Diggins Fine Art respects your right to privacy. No personal information will be collected without the prior consent of the individual. Lauraine Diggins Fine Art will not disclose any personal information to any party not specifically authorized by the individual.

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