International Women’s Day 2023 #EmbraceEquity

On International Women’s Day we celebrate by sharing some of our favourite artworks by women artists who led the way by challenging traditions, exploring new ideas and influencing the direction of Australian art​.​​

This years theme is #EmbraceEquity.

​I​n the current global climate of shifting attitudes towards gender biases, the celebration and recognition of women artists is growing around the world. Such​ ​interest and support of women artists is not a new phenomenon, tending to follow the ebbs and flows parallel with general cultural trends.

Australian female artists have been integral to our artistic culture throughout history, with women students at art school, including a significant number of Australian artists studying in Europe; women artists represented in national and international art exhibitions, competitions and prizes; women as active members of art societies; teaching art students; reproduced​ ​in art publications; working as professional artists, including commissioned positions such as Official War Artist; and collected by major institutions as well as private collectors.

TIERNAN, As above so Below with Songlines, 222054, 150x90cm Jessie Scarvell Glenalvon Murrurundi 1895 COULTER, DI - Cousin Elizabeth NT STOKES Girl in Fur Collar, London Emily Kngwarray Women's Dreaming