As Above So Below with Songlines

Helen Tiernan

TIERNAN, As above so Below with Songlines, 222054, 150x90cm
As Above So Below with Songlines by Helen Tiernan


Helen Tiernan
As Above So Below with Songlines
oil on canvas
150 x 90 cm

signed lower right: H.S. Tiernan
copyright the artist

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Storied Country, Lauraine Diggins Fine Art, Melbourne, 22 October - 19 November 2022

Further Information

Helen notes, “my paintings are encoded with Indigenous symbols and patters that express meanings that go deep into the unconscious, pointing to understandings related to the sentience, sacredness and power of the land which words can’t always capture. It is a way of allowing the viewer to engage more imaginatively with the painting and bring their own experiences and readings of the works.”

The use of small vignettes is characteristic of Helen’s work, calling the viewer into a closer engagement with each painting and augmenting the narrative aspects. For example, in As Above So Below with Songlines (2021, 150 x 90 cm) the tall masted ships navigating the waves in the top left are balanced against the flotilla of canoes bathed in moonlight on the right of the painting.

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