Vale Mirka Mora

We pay tribute to Mirka Mora who recently passed away, aged 90, and was remembered and celebrated on Tuesday at a State Memorial at the Palais Theatre. Remembered and celebrated for her joie de vivre and for the indelible impression she has made on Melbourne city, through her personality; her art and the sophistication brought to the city through her restaurants. Her artistic practice covered so many differing media but was always characterised by a readily identifiable style, her use of bright colours and patterns and dreamy figures. Mirka’s art is part of Melbourne’s psyche with her mural at Flinders Street; her mosaic at St Kilda and the much-loved murals in a number of Melbourne restaurants.

Mirka’s art and spirit touched many. Enjoying a long lasting relationship with Heide Museum of Modern Art, Mirka involved herself in the life of the museum and its various programs.

Mirka’s passion for life and art has left a lasting impression amongst those at Lauraine Diggins Fine Art, learning from and dealing with her as an educator and artist. We are deeply saddened by the loss of a passionate, colourful and generous soul, who gave so much, Melbourne is all the more richer.

Read a tribute to Mirka Mora by Sabine Cotte as published in The Conversation here


Mirka & Nerida at a school arts program, Heide Museum of Modern Art