Stephen Bowers: Jamais Vu

12 November 2016 - 10 December 2016


the feeling that one has never seen before something that should be quite familiar when one looks at something familiar, like a common word, it strangely seems meaningless or unrecognised. Stephen Bowers looks over a lot of the overlooked in his work, so this notion of missing the known, the should-be-familiar or the obvious, is somewhat appealing.

Following the success of his Australia-wide touring exhibition (2013-2015) and growing international recognition, Bowers continues to celebrate and provoke with his beautifully detailed decorated ceramics. Drawing inspiration from a variety of sources, his work explores natural history and art history, particularly of ceramics. Further, his work draws on decorative arts historical references and is imbued with his own personal commentary and witticisms.

The focus of the exhibition will be a remarkable Camouflage Series dining setting featuring richly adorned serving, dinner and entrée plates, each displaying an Australian parrot, highlighted against a complex layering of background patterns, binding these ambitious works together as a set.


View accompanying exhibition e-catalogue hereldfa_stephen-bowers-72pxls-cover


We were delighted to have Geoffrey Edwards (recently retired Director, Geelong Art Gallery, and Former Curator of Sculpture, National Gallery of Victoria) open the exhibition, view the video below


To hear Stephen talk about his work, please view the video of Stephen Bowers, In Conversation


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A stop motion video of the creation of a Camouflage Series plate and one of the pair of The Camouflaged Dogs can be viewed below:
Camouflage Series plate
Camouflaged Dog


ldfa_bowers-gatefold-8pp_r-9-spreads-replaced-plates-copy-2Camouflage Series dining setting