Blue Chintz

Stephen Bowers

Blue Chintz by Stephen Bowers


Stephen Bowers
Blue Chintz
wheel-thrown earthernware, underglaze colour, clear glaze
6 x 62 cm

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As a kind of stalking horse for his inventive decoration, Bowers uses familiar forms – chargers, cups and saucers, vases, Staffordshire ornaments. Apart from the latter, they are useful and practical domestic shapes. What Bowers often does with the form is to modify it – usually by enlargement, sometimes dramatically so. This magnification has the strange effect of creating a disconnect from the original while also implying that the object is to be looked at through a lens of aesthetic history. When he does adhere to original scale, the richness of decoration and jewel-like detail seem to make the work larger than it really is.

Christopher Menz, September 2016, with thanks to Stephen Bowers for his assistance.

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