Petrea Volybilis Trop America Verbanaceae

Marian Ellis Rowan

Petrea Volybilis Trop America Verbanaceae by Marian Ellis Rowan


Marian Ellis Rowan
Petrea Volybilis Trop America Verbanaceae
watercolour and gouache on paper
57 x 38 cm

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Australian Galleries, 1999
Private collection


Botanical Paintings, Australian Galleries, Melbourne, 18 May - 12 June 1999 (AG No 25441)

Lauraine Diggins Fine Art Annual Collectors' Exhibition, Melbourne, 2017

Further Information

Ellis Rowan travelled extensively recording numerous botanical species both in Australia, as well as New Zealand; the United Kingdom; the United States of America and Papua and New Guinea and won numerous awards for her paintings which blur the lines between fine art and natural history illustration. Rowan’s work is characterised not only by its detailed accuracy but also her own compositional charm and touches of dramatic interest such as the inclusion of insects.

In this work she depicts the Queens or Purple Wreath, sometimes known as the tropical wisteria, native to Central America and Mexico. It’s delicate flowers contrast with its rough leaves which can be used like sandpaper or an emery board. The delicate blue and purple flowers are complemented by the pink tinged clouds and glimpses of blue sky, all highlighted by the use of a grey-green colour palette.

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