My Country (260075)

Angelina Ngal

Angelina Ngal My Country 260075
My Country (260075) by Angelina Ngal


Angelina Ngal
My Country (260075)
synthetic polymer on linen
179 x 149 cm

showing at Lauraine Diggins Fine Art, Melbourne, 2022

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The paintings by artists from Utopia sit as contemporary abstract artworks on the international stage and are layered, not only in paint but also meaning, with a spiritual significance for the oldest living culture in the world. These paintings are created by custodians with a lifetime of wisdom, created for self and for the collective, an expression of country, dreaming and social and cultural responsibilities.

Along with her elder sisters, Kathleen and Poly, Angelina shares great responsibility as a keeper of cultural knowledge for their country Aharlper, located in the heart of Utopia, 250 kms North East of Alice Springs. Her pure dots of colour reveal points of location like a map, representing knowledge of place and her lived experience; choosing to depict abundant flora or ceremonial rituals.

Angelina paints her grandfather’s country, Aharlper. Many of her paintings depict ''Anwekety'', the Bush Plum (Conkerberry), which she represents through a focus of many coloured dots flooding the canvas. Angelina also portrays her mother's country which is located near Aharlper within the Utopia homelands. On a superficial level her paintings depict the myriad of coloured wildflowers which populate the landscape in spring, however on a deeper level the story deals with various locations which are special and significant to women.

Her exquisitely coloured canvases extend their meaning to translations of geography, knowledge and memories, often linked to important information relating to hunting, food gathering, or ceremony.

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