Nawurapu Wununmurra

Mokuy by Nawurapu Wununmurra


Nawurapu Wununmurra
natural earth pigments and adhesive on carved wood
209 x 12 x 10 cm

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The Mokuy is a sculpture both carved and painted by the artist. The sculpture is a skeletal spirit figure and it is a depiction from a story where the Mokuy finds its way to a sacred place where the living dance and conduct ceremony when a person dies. The Mokuy also conduct their own ceremony at night, which are often heard in the camp by the living. Following the ceremony, the spirits go back to where they came from.

The artist says about this work: "The Mokuy or Nanuk (spirits) come in together, Dhuwa and Yirritja to the sacred ground called Balambala, past Gangan, the other side for all the Mokuy to get together. The spirits go there and that's where they make the Yidaki sound. It's like showing Yukuwa (sacred yam emblem) and Morning.
Star feathers - they are different. Like same goes with Yidaki, different sounds for Yirritja and Dhuwa. The Yirritja and Dhuwa play Yidaki to call in the Mokuy to the same ground Balambala. The Yirritja Mokuy come in on the birds, Djilawurr (scub fowl) and Bugutj-bugutj (banded fruit dove). The Dhuwa Mokuy they come in from Rangi side (saltwater)".


Nawurapu Wununmurra is from North East Arnhem Land, NT, and works with Yirrkala the Art Centre. Learn more about the region, its people, language and history here

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Buku-Larrnggay Mulka Centre, Yirrkala, N.T


The Elements Within Sculpture, Lauraine Diggins Fine Art, 4 June -16 July 2011