Robert Clinch : Life on Earth

1 December 2022 - 28 February 2023

Concurrent exhibitions showing in December and in February (note Gallery closed in January) highlighting the work of three artists who deserve to be better known for their contribution to Australian art – Robert Clinch : Life on Earth; Vaughan Murray Griffin : Earth and Beyond; Horace Hurtle Trenerry : Painting the Earth

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Robert Clinch has created a considerable body of work throughout his ongoing career from painting in the demanding medium of egg tempera; to large-scale works in unforgiving watercolour; intricate lithographs; even an art-car! His imagery is drawn from reality and compositions are painstakingly built up through series of complex drawings, created both in situ and explored in the studio. His works are capriccios, realistic fictions. Although based on real places, allowing a sense of recognition and familiarity to the viewer, the elements are adapted to suit the message Robert seeks to present, making comment on universal aspects of humanity and life on earth. His preferred setting is urban, such as the red-brick walls of Spartacus and the industrial landscape of Lot’s Wife, and he uses the urban landscapes as a metaphoric vehicle. There is an immediate attraction to the visual appeal of his work, with its meticulous construction, level of detail and the obvious technical skill required. Robert’s humanity is revealed in his thought-provoking, ironic titles, giving an added dimension to each artwork, suggestive of a greater narrative. This small collection of artworks provides an opportunity to celebrate an artist dedicated to his craft, who deserves greater recognition.


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