THE NEXT GENERATION:Lorraine Kabbindi White & Genevieve Kemarr Loy

12 August 2017 - 30 September 2017

Following in the footsteps of their grandparents, the two young artists, continue the tradition of creating striking artworks inspired by their ancestral landscapes.

Darwin-born Lorraine Kabbindi White will exhibit barks and works on paper depicting her family’s country at Mankung Djang, western Arnhem Land. The influence and teaching of her grandfather Lofty Bardayal Nadjamerrek AO is clearly evident in her confident use of fine white lines set against the red ochre background to paint the spirit beings, fauna and flora of her grandfather’s country, often in his specific “Stone Country” x-ray style.

Genevieve Kemarr Loy is from Utopia, around 300 kilometres north-east of Alice Springs; an area which has produced a number of well-recognised artists including Emily Kngwarray, the Petyarr sisters and the Ngal sisters. Genevieve is the granddaughter of Nancy Petyarr and was taught to paint by her father Cowboy Loy Pwerl. She depicts specific custodial subjects associated with her country, particularly the Bush Turkey story, with a bold use of colour and detailed patterning.

Please be advised images of deceased indigenous elders are contained within.
The images are reproduced with the permission of both artists.

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Exhibition opening Saturday 12th August
and official remarks by NOVA PERIS OAM.
Both Genevieve and Lorraine will be in attendance.

Please click on the video below to watch the exhibition opening.


Hear the artists speak about their artwork and their inspiration, including the influence of their grandparents. Watch the videos below of Lorraine Kabbindi White and Genevieve Kemarr Loy.

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