The Nanny

John Dent 1951 -

Dent The Nanny
The Nanny by John Dent 1951 -


John Dent 1951 -
The Nanny
oil on canvas
40.5 x 35.5 cm

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Dent's paintings are redolent with atmosphere, indicative of his ability to absorb the sense of place he discovered in Paris. Mostly, these are quiet introspective moments, a captured snapshot in time. The street scenes take the viewer on a promenade with the artist around Paris, as he explores the city. If the imagery is sometimes romantic, it is because this reflects the everyday reality of the city and these are scenes actually encountered – an arched bridge over the river; a flag hanging from a terraced building; lovers entwined in a park. Equally, Paris is a city of unexpected surprises and strange contrasts, casual witness to nuns in full habit kicking a soccer ball. At other times the subject is almost mundane, a woman with a striped apron in her window; or tinged with humour, the upright nanny on duty with her sensible umbrella shading her from the sun contrasted with the lounging figure enjoying a drink on the deckchair.