Sublime Point, Blue Mountains

Hilda Rix Nicholas

Sublime Point, Blue Mountains by Hilda Rix Nicholas


Hilda Rix Nicholas
Sublime Point, Blue Mountains
oil on canvas
31 x 40 cm

signed lower left: EH Rix Nicholas

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the Estate of the artist


probably, Australian Life, Beaux Arts Gallery, London, 8 - 29 October 1925 

Society of Women Artists, London, 1929

Further Information

 "Hilda travelled to the Blue Mountains to paint landscapes. At Katoomba she made two paintings of the Three Sisters, also painting Sublime Point and Inspiration Point. In Autumn Magic (Blue Mountains) she was more concerned to catch the play of light in the leaves than to be accurate about the features of the landscape. It was a distinctly relaxed approach to painting nature. There is a lightness and a sense of joy in these paintings that suggests that Hilda was recovering from the trials she had endured through the war. In 1922, she wrote to Lady Stradbroke, the wife of the Governor of Victoria, that Mosman was 'a lovely spot whose sheer beauty had helped my tired nerves.' "

R.Travers, The Life of Hilda Rix Nicholas, Thames and Hudson, 2021, p.139

The critic from The Morning Post singled out three Blue Mountains painting including Sublime Point as the pick of the landscapes in her London exhibition 1925...

R.Travers, The Life of Hilda Rix Nicholas, Thames and Hudson, 2021, p.169