Yvonne Audette

Bushfire by Yvonne Audette


Yvonne Audette
ink, gouache and pastel on coloured paper
27.2 x 36.5 cm

signed lower right: YA 87

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Further Information

The 2014 monograph about Audette’s work summarises her artistic development as a “peripatetic journey that began with an ambitious young student going between her distinctively different, somewhat misanthropic but always inspiring teachers. Then there was her shift from Sydney to New York, and the maturation of her work in Italy, a cultural environment beautifully encrusted by the past yet enlivened by modern panache. In mid-career she uprooted herself from all this to return to her city of birth, only to abandon it again for the high pocket of forest growth that became the private space that nurtured her later work.”

Heathcote & Adams, Yvonne Audette Paintings and Drawings 1949 - 2014, Macmillan, 2014, p. 173

A dedicated student, Audette actively sought to surround and expose herself to contemporary art sources, experiences and teachers in order to absorb and redefine in her own unique oeuvre. This in turn undergoes her rigorous examination, with later work referring to and reenergised by earlier constructions. Her abstraction is complex, deliberate and carefully constructed, although there is an element of intuition with the formal construct often based on capturing the essence of a sensation, season or place.

Audette’s return to Australia and, in particular, the bushland of the Dandenong Ranges which she made home for some time, provided fresh inspiration for her art. Surrounded by nature and able to engage daily with the environment, Audette was motivated to create artworks reflecting both the beauty of native flora and fauna and the risks associated with living in proximity to a space where climatic experiences, such as fire, can have such an impact.

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