Terry Dhurritjini Yumbulul

Mudukundja by Terry Dhurritjini Yumbulul


Terry Dhurritjini Yumbulul
natural earth pigments on cypress pine with string and feathers
91 x 9 x 9 cm

signed base: Yumbulul '06

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Story: When the world was created, the ocean was there first. The first life and first breath begins in the water of the ocean. Then the water in the sky came. The trees were pulled down and pushed by the force and current of the sweet water (fresh water) - and as they were pushed, rivers were created. This object was pushed and reached the bottom of the river where the sweet (fresh) and salt water meet and a cloud was formed. This object formed a lake and became human at the beginning or development stage. When the object reached the salt water it turned around and said: "Now, I've reached the sea." The object formed legs as salt water gives life. It placed its legs astride which were then stuck to the ground and raised arms up overhead and said "Now I'm marrlyiayun - god of love" - pure love for nature.

The patterning on this work represents water and the middle section shows the split piercing the land. The triangle pattern and top diamond represent the cloud. The feathers on strings are the objects arms. There are no legs shown on this particular sculpture. The feathers represent the ocean - both the pattern and the colours - the myriad of colours seen in the feathers like the changing colours seen in water. The white feathers are the ocean froth.