Lady Julia Percy Island I

Andrew Sayers

Sayers Lady Julia Percy Island I
Lady Julia Percy Island I by Andrew Sayers


Andrew Sayers
Lady Julia Percy Island I
gouache on paper
26 x 36 cm

Signed verso

Reproduced courtesy the copyright holder.


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Further Information

Although better known for his stellar career on the other side of the canvas (including founding Director of the National Portrait Gallery and Director of the National Museum of Australia), these gouaches painted en plein air reveal Sayers’ talent and continual engagement as an artist, an area he chose to focus on in the last few years of his life. They highlight Sayers’ interest in rocks, sky and sea, important subjects in his work and show confidence and skill in handling and technique, cleverly making use of the white of the paper itself to give a beautiful sense of space.

“I have a fascination with stony places, I love the sky and the sea. Above all, I want my pictures to have fresh air and space you can move around in. These passions have led to the landscape paintings in gouache that bring together formations of stone with (relatively short-lived) flora and even more volatile environments of water and atmosphere.”

Andrew Sayers, 2015