Judas Receiving a Branch of Thorns

David Boyd

Judas Receiving a Branch of Thorns by David Boyd


David Boyd
Judas Receiving a Branch of Thorns
oil on canvas
86 x 76 cm

This painting is part of The Judas Cycle, a series that overlaps with the Orchard of Heaven series done between 1971-76. David envisaged Judas as both child and man in a wild garden. In the retrospective catalogue David Boyd: The Passionate Journey, Nadine Amadio suggests that the death of Judas has parallels to the Death of Burke in the Explorer Series, where Judas sinks into the earth clutching his branch of thorns. This painting is reproduced in this catalogue and titled The Judas Cycle: Judge Receiving a Branch of Thorns 1971, oil on canvas 86 x 75 cms.

The painting is about punishment but also a romanticisation of the biblical imagery and Christian dogma that was an integral part of his family and childhood. The Judas Cycle series is therefore seen as a collection of visual poems which Boyd attributes to the memory of his parents and childhood at Open Country.

Dr Sheridan Palmer, 2017


copyright Lucinda Boyd

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