(Ghostgums, MacDonnell Ranges)

Albert Namatjira

(Ghostgums, MacDonnell Ranges) by Albert Namatjira


Albert Namatjira
(Ghostgums, MacDonnell Ranges)
watercolour on paper
25 x 37 cm

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Further Information

Namatjira is described as an artist trapped between two worlds, his Aboriginal heritage and Lutheran upbringing at the Hermannsburg Mission. Namatjira’s watercolours depict his country, with the Ghost Gum playing a significant, almost emblematic role in his painting. Reanalysis of Namatjira’s work asserts that the artist harnessed traditional models to represent his native landscape with a personal spiritual perspective. “He may have found a new way of painting his ‘dreamings’ which did not offend the Lutherans or his own people, yet allowed him to feel some continuity with his past.”

(Megaw, Dr. R., A Myriad of Dreaming, Malakoff Fine Art Press, Melbourne, 1989, p.102)

The dramatic mountain range rising from the plain, framed by a Ghost Gum is iconic Namatjira imagery. His art, like that of many indigenous artists, is inextricably linked to his relationship with the landscape with his ghost gum trees almost like portraits. Namatjira opens our eyes to the colour, beauty and fertility of central Australia.


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