Emu Seed Country (270232)

Poly Ngal

Emu Seed Country (270232) by Poly Ngal


Poly Ngal
Emu Seed Country (270232)
synthetic polymer on linen
147 x 149 cm

Language: Anmatyarr

© the artist
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As senior custodians, sisters Poly and Kathleen Ngal share a great responsibility as keepers of cultural knowledge for their country Aharlper, located in the heart of Utopia, 250 kms North East of Alice Springs.

Poly belongs to the oldest living generation of Utopia and is among the most accomplished painters who have worked at Utopia during the past 20 years. Poly Ngal began her career in late 1979, involved in the production of Batiks, made by artists in Utopia prior to the introduction of painting on canvas in the mid to late 1980s.

Poly Ngal’s paintings often depict bright yellow seeds, a feast for the emus, amongst the Bush Plums that grow in her country. Her paintings are borne from traditional knowledge and Poly’s confident approach to her work can be seen in the way she assembles streams of seeds, piling dots upon each other to create rich thick fields of glowing palettes of colour.

Poly was a finalist in the 21st Telstra National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Award, 2004 and was awarded an Honourable Mention.

Represented: Araluen Arts and Entertainment Centre, Alice Springs, NT; Art Gallery of South Australia; Art Gallery of Western Australia; Benalla Art Gallery; CAAMA (Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association), Alice Springs, NT; Holmes a Court Collection, Perth; Lauraine Diggins, Melbourne; Shepparton Art Gallery; Private collections, Australia, France, USA

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