Dhukun (Sceptre) Union of Both Kingdoms of Yirritja Moiety

Terry Dhurritjini Yumbulul

Dhukun (Sceptre) Union of Both Kingdoms of Yirritja Moiety by Terry Dhurritjini Yumbulul


Terry Dhurritjini Yumbulul
Dhukun (Sceptre) Union of Both Kingdoms of Yirritja Moiety
Natural earth pigments on cypress wood with string and feathers
height.: 179.5 cm

signed top: Yumbulul '06

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Annual Collectors' Exhibition 2008, Lauraine Diggins Fine Art, Melbourne

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Terry, as tribal elder has the right and responsibility to perform funeral ceremonies. When important or highly respected members of the tribe are buried, Terry wears significant costume decorated with feathers.

The Dhukun is only used if there is trouble at a ceremony and is brought out to make a statement. Nobody will stand in front of the Dhukun, and people will bend down and cut the air with their hands to show respect. One hand is held flat, with nothing in the hands and knees bended. This particular sceptre is symbolic of the king and queen of the Yirritja moiety. The sceptre is very important showing the joining of the kingdom - both king and queen represented by the diamond and striped patterning. The lower division shows the split of the two worlds - the king and queen with the single white line of feathers symbolic of the female.