Aharlper Country 223017

Angelina Ngal

223017 Angelina Ngal Aharlper Country 2006
Aharlper Country 223017 by Angelina Ngal


Angelina Ngal
Aharlper Country 223017
synthetic polymer on linen
200 x 137 cm
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New Paintings by Angelina Ngal, Lauraine Diggins Fine Art, Melbourne, 16 Aug - 2 Sep 2006

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Along with her sisters, Angelina Ngal is custodian of her grandfather’s country, Aharlper. Angelina’s painting of country translate the landscape into shimmering dots spilling across the canvas. Her paintings can be appreciated as striking abstract works, however there are complex layers of meaning related to the geography and spiritualiy associated with her country, In particular, Angelina paints the Bush Plum, Arnwetky, a small conkerberry plant with fruits and flowers which is connected to ceremonial business, especially for the women of Camel Camp in Utopia, N.T.

Angelina was part of the original art movement at Utopia, north east of Alice Springs with the introduction of batik in the 1980s and quickly adapted to painting on canvas, producing exquisitely coloured compositions. The swirling movement and sense of depth she achieves creates a sophisticated and elegant visual spectacle for the viewer. Angelina has exhibited widely in Australia and internationally as is represented in many significant collections, both private and institutions, including The Met, New York and the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra.