Congratulations to Elizabeth and Genevieve : Ravenswood Finalists

Congratulations to Elizabeth Kunoth Kngwarray and Genevieve Kemarr Loy who have both been selected as finalists in this year’s Ravenswood Australian Women Artists’ Art Prize which will be showing at Ravenswood School for Girls, Gordon NSW from 10 – 26 May with their paintings Yam Seeds in My Country (Elizabeth) and Bush Turkey Story (Genevieve).  117 finalists were announced from 1616 entries received for the 2024 Ravenswood Australian Women’s Art Prize.

Elizabeth and Genevieve are both from the Utopia region in Central Australia, building on the legacy of Emily Kam Kngwarray with their intricate paintings depicting the flora and fauna of their country. Elizabeth depicts the seeds, flowers and leaves of the yam, an important source of food and medicine and Genevieve paints the Bush Turkey, which she has inherited from her father. There is a beautiful sense of patterning and movement through their artwork which is imbued with cultural significance.

Genevieve Kemarr Loy 1982 – (Anmatyerr)

Bush Turkey Story 2023 synthetic polymer on linen 120 x 120 cm

223005 KNGWARRAY Elizabeth Kunoth YamSeeds

Elizabeth Kunoth Kngwarray 1961 – (Anmatyerr)

Yam Seeds in My Country 2023 synthetic polymer on linen 120 x 120 cm

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