A Game of Puppets

Antoinette-Cecile-Hortense Haudebourt-Lescot

A Game of Puppets by Antoinette-Cecile-Hortense Haudebourt-Lescot


Antoinette-Cecile-Hortense Haudebourt-Lescot
A Game of Puppets
oil on canvas
32.5 x 25 cm

signed middle left: H Lescot

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Probably, Paris Salon, 1819 as Un petit joueur de marionnettes

Further Information

Parisian born, Haudebourt-Lescot began studies with Guillaume Guillon-Lethiere, a popular history painter and family friend, at the age of seven. When in 1807 he was appointed director of the French Academy, Rome, she followed him, arriving in 1808 and remaining there until 1816. A painter of genre subjects, she depicted the customs and colourful costumes of Italian peasants in great detail, a popular subject of the time symbolising a time of past innocence amid the growing industrialisation. Such foreign experience was rare for a woman artist, and in uenced much of her work. Far from copying Italian masterworks, many of her paintings depicted the daily life of women.

Her work was received with acclaim, she regularly exhibited her work at the
Paris Salon, showing some 110 paintings there between 1811 and 1840, and engravings of
her work enhanced her popularity. She was appointed painter to the Duchesse de Berry,
and she received several commissions from
the French government for the museum at Versailles, and was the only female artist included in François Joseph Heim’s monumental depiction of Charles X awarding medals to artists for the Salon of 1824.